After 35 years working as a nurse, midwife and early childhood teacher Mary saw a great need for a one-on-one service to provide education and mentoring for parents. 

In response, she founded Plum Parenting, and since 2007 has  developed unique skills and methods which are proving to be enormously helpful to parents, whanau, caregivers and teachers. 

Mary Willow, Parent Educator

Mary Willow, Parent Educator


  • Registered General & Maternity Nurse

  • State Certified Midwife

  • Certified Waldorf Teacher



  • Parent Mentoring, 12 years full-time

  • Lecturing on Child Development and Parenting Topics

  • Teaching in Kindergartens and Nurseries

  • Facilitating Playgroups

  • Caring for Children with Special Needs

  • Co-ordinating Parent Education Programs

  • Prenatal Program Teaching

  • Midwifery: involved in legalising midwifery in Canada and creating a pioneering community midwifery service

  • General Nursing in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada.

  • Management of Therapeutic and Medical Clinics

  • Parenting