All clients using the Plum Parenting service will be asked to read and sign their agreement to the following Release of Liability Waiver:

  • I understand that Plum Parenting is a service offering education and mentoring for parents and other caregivers. The emphasis is on practical advice rather than counselling. The goal is to provide insight into childhood and the role of the parent, and to teach parenting skills.

  • I understand and accept that I am fully responsible for the safety of my child(ren) at all times and that advice provided by Plum Parenting or Parent Mentor Mary Willow does not alter my responsibility.

  • I understand and accept that Mary is not a certified counsellor and that she draws on her many years of experience in various professional roles with parents and children. Mary does not belong to a professional body or have professional indemnity insurance.

  • I understand that Mary's advice is based on what I tell her, not on her independent assessment of my child and family. It is not Mary's role to diagnose medical, developmental or psychological conditions. Should you, the parent or caregiver, have any concerns regarding either your child's or your own medical, developmental or psychological state of health, it is your resposibility to seek the appropriate medical and/or professional assessment of your child or yourself.

  • I understand that if Mary feels that my child or myself may be in danger or our family would benefit from other services she may make a referral to other agencies.

  • I understand that Plum Parenting is committed to teaching and promoting positive, non-violent parenting skills. 

  • I undertake to inform Mary immediately of any unexpected outcomes in my children or family that arise from or during the period of Plum Parenting advice, in case the advice has been misunderstood and needs adjusting.