Plum Parenting opened in 2007 and by 2015 over 500 families in the Wellington region and more elsewhere in New Zealand and overseas, had benefited. From 2009 to 2012 Plum Parenting was based at the Plum Garden Parenting Centre in Brooklyn, Wellington (see slideshow below). During this time, Mary facilitated playgroups with an emphasis on parent education. In 2012 Mary closed Plum Garden and embarked on a two-year road trip around New Zealand in response to requests from parents and schools, to offer lectures and mentoring in their communities.

After re-establishing her practice in Wellington with a focus on individual parent mentoring, Mary began creating an online parenting course based on her work.

In 2018, Mary relocated to Masterton and began devoting much more time to refining the Plum Parenting course materials in preparation for her much anticipated video series to finally go into production. While it will never be a substitute for the individually-tailored mentoring experience, it will offer all of Mary’s core ideas to the a worldwide in an engaging presentation that will leave viewers with both a fresh perspective on life as a parent and the practical steps to change the dynamic at home!

We are so lucky to have had Mary Willow’s help! We first met Mary when our eldest daughter started playgroup about 8 years ago. She set us up with all the tools we needed to tackle periods of change from the terrible 2’s to the 9 year old phase, plus parental break up, shifting town sagas and Earthquake drama, Yikes! Poor kids!!!

We have heard Mary speak publicly many times, watched her in action with our children at kindy and playgroup and had individual counselling sessions with her. Now, when I get stuck on a parenting issue I just find a quiet moment and think ‘What would Mary say in this situation?’ and usually some brilliant Mary-like, simple and logical answer will come. And, if not I go back to Mary’s notes and find the answers there. Mary has been my guardian angel over the last 8 years and I know my girls and I would be in a very different place right now if she wasn’t a part of our lives.
— Mary's first client (2007)