Even with the best of intentions at the outset, parenting can quickly become stressful and bewildering.

Plum Parenting gives parents a chance to transform their insights and skills and breathe new life and strength into the parent-child and parent-parent relationship!

This service gives advice on children from birth to twenty.

We’d tried everything to try and make sense of our preschooler’s incredibly difficult behaviour, but everything we’d read and tried simply didn’t help. Mary showed us entirely new ways of understanding our child and the roots of her behavioural issues. She gave us tangible and highly effective ways to communicate with our child, set boundaries, and create a home and family environment that allowed change to happen and a happy, secure child to emerge.
— Parents of 2, Kapiti
Our family cannot recommend Mary and her wonderful work enough. She has completely transformed, not only our little girl’s life now and into the future, but our marriage and family in the process.
— Parents of 2, Tauranga