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This questionnaire is a ‘jumping off point’.
Your answers can be as long or short as you wish. I just need a picture to start with... Many people find this process very helpful in itself for clarifying the issues and preparing for the sessions. However if you feel daunted or stressed by it then we can pick up these details as we go, although it may make our sessions a bit longer.
If you close this page before you click the 'Submit Answers' button, all of your answers will be lost. If you have to stop part way before finishing, please click 'Submit Answers' and start a new questionnaire form later to complete. Alternatively, you may wish to compose long answers on a separate document and copy-paste them into this form later.
As you record your answers please consider the following details if relevant:
Growth and development, movement, sleep, speech, play, social interaction, home/school interaction issues, programs/extra-curricular activities, likes/dislikes/ fears/anxieties/obsessions/tendencies, health/illnesses/therapies, family structure/schedules/roles, interests/gifts/talents, and anything else you feel might be helpful?