Firstly Please Note: Don’t tell the kids about me! These sessions are to grow your skills and empower you to safeguard and enrich your children’s lives. It is not helpful or appropriate that the children see you as needing help or that you are being instructed by someone else. We want to strengthen the direct path between you and them.

The sessions need to be without children present (infants ok). We need full focus. I find even with babies present the level of distraction makes it hard for me to get new ideas across and help you re-structure. So please try to find sitters out of the home or at very least in another part of the house.

Once you are booked in I will email you a questionnaire to get us started. Let me know if you need a different approach e.g. if you are dyslexic, need an interpreter or feel too pressured to answer the questionnaire at present.



Looking forward very much to sharing the Parenting road with you!